Gtr Manchester Sustainable Food Strategy

Imagine a Greater Manchester where Sustainable Food is at the heart of policy and action to create: jobs & training opportunities; good health & well-being; green neighbourhoods; diverse high streets; and strong local economies.

Good food means different things to us all, but sustainable food can help make our City more resilient to climate change & help address our present & future health and economic challenges.  By working together we can transform Greater Manchester into a Sustainable Food City.

Over one hundred community groups, charities, small businesses and public sector partners have been exploring the benefits of, and actions required, to transform Greater Manchester into a Sustainable Food City since the Spring of 2013.

The strategy cover these six areas of action and is intended as inspiration and a guide:

Our original sustainable food framework was launched in the early Summer of 2014, with the aim to hold future reviews and involve more and more people. In 2016 we were asked if we would get involved in writing the food section of the People’s Plan for devolution in Greater Manchester. So we held Feeding Manchester #20 in November 2016 and involved sustainable food groups from all over Greater Manchester to do just that. This has been passed on to the People’s Plan, who will be publically releasing their agenda shortly after the election of the Mayor in Greater Manchester in May 2017.

No one organisation can achieve all of the aims of this ambitious strategy, but we can agree that this is the food system that we aspire to have in Greater Manchester. We can support each other to work towards some of the aims, and work together to push for them all. This is just the start – a foundation to build on and act on to transform Greater Manchester into a Sustainable Food City.

You can download the updated version of the Greater Manchester Food Strategy and you can see the full discussion notes from meeting in November 2016 here.